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Cripple Bastards - From '88 To '91 mp3 download
Cripple Bastards - From '88 To '91 mp3 download
Performer: Cripple Bastards
Title: From '88 To '91
Country: Italy
Released: 1992
Style: Grindcore, Hardcore, Noisecore
Rating: 4.1/5
FLAC size: 1676 mb | MP3 size: 1499 mb | WMA size: 1294 mb
Genre: Rock

Tracks 278-333: Rehearsal 1991. Added by: bastardnasum. Modified by: Diamhea.

1. (00:06:19) Cripple Bastards - Rehearsal Aug 1991. 2. (00:00:46) Cripple Bastards - Intro. 3. (00:00:32) Cripple Bastards - Retrospective. 4. (00:00:49) Cripple Bastards - What i Thought. 5. (00:00:23) Cripple Bastards - Outro. 6. (00:17:46) Cripple Bastards - Live in Asti, 'Torreta' (Nov. 1991).

Cripple Bastards Albums: Your Lies in Check, Misantropo a senso unico, Desperately Insensitive, Variante Alla Morte, Frammenti Di Vita.

Cripple Bastards is a grindcore band from Asti, Italy. They were initially a metal-influenced punk band called Grimcorpses. However, they were not satisfied with their music and soon decided to make their style more extreme, which was accompanied by a name change

Split, 1993, Useless Records. 1. Far from My Best Friends. What I Thought - P. The Outside World. I. C. Murija Die !! 7. No More. Album, 1997, EU 91 Produzioni. SIDE A. Intro + Being Ripped Off. Paranoiac.

Explore releases from the . Discover what's missing in your discography and shop for . 91 Produzioni releases. Profile: Estremisti Uniti is an Italian core DIY label from Asti founded in 1991 by Giulio BaldiZZone . Later changed name to EU'91 Serbian League. 34 submissions pending.

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A1 Intro
A2 Paranoiac (Feb. 1990)
A3 Vital Dreams (Jun. 1990)
A4 The Lords Of Hell (Jan. 1991)
A5 Through Sincerity Comes Security (Mar. 1989)
A6 Asti Postmen (May 1991)
A7 Bore '91 (May 1991)
A8 Regret The Past (May 1991)
A9 Never Again (Jan. 1991)
A10 Supplementary Seasons (Jan. 1991)
A11 Larvicide (Jan. 1991)
A12 Incompatibility (Jan. 1991)
A13 Interlude
A14 Unconventional Fornication (Nov. 1989)
A15 My Revenge (Sept. 1990)
A16 Mc. Profit (Dec. 1990)
A17 School System (Jan. 1991)
A18 Disagreeable Selections (Jul. 1991)
A19 "Kilroy!"'s Green Cadillac (Jul. 1991)
A20 Interlude
A21 Useful/Useless (Apr. 1991)
A22 Euphemistically Sweet (Dec. 1988)
A23 Dissonance (Jan. 1991)
A24 Authority? (Live:May 1991)
A25 Double Scented Shit (Live:May 1991)
A26 Porco Dio! (Live:May 1991)
A27 Control(ling) (Live:May 1991)
A28 No Way (Jul. 1991)
A29 Through Sincerity Comes Security (Live:Nov. 1990)
A30 Life In General Part II (Jun. 1991)
A31 The Lord Of Hell (Jun. 1991)
A32 Control (Feb. 1989)
A33 Grimcorpses (Dec. 1990)
A34 Interlude
A35 Double Scented Shit (Sept. 1991)
A36 Vital Dreams (May 1991)
A37 Skewback (Feb. 1991)
A38 Through Sincerity Comes Security (Jan. 1991)
A39 Authority? (Sept. 1991)
A40 Grimcorpses (Old Version-Live:May 1988)
A41 A.C. (Feb. 1991)
A42 Porco Dio! (Jul. 1991)
A43 The New Sight (Mar. 1989)
A44 Westcore (Mar. 1989)
A45 Interlude
A46 0:01 (Sept. 1991)
A47 Nazi Dad (Mar. 1989)
A48 Mc. Profit (Old Version-May 1988)
A49 I.C. (April 1991)
A50 Bane (Sept. 1991)
A51 Hydrophobic Web (Dec. 1990)
A52 Through Sincerity Comes Security (Feb. 1991)
A53 Conditioned To Accept (Feb. 1991)
A54 Disagreeable Selections (Feb. 1991)
A55 Standing Strong (Feb. 1991)
A56 Your Emotions (Feb. 1991)
A57 Grimcorpses (Oct. 1991)
A58 Paranoiac (Oct. 1991)
Rehearsal Aug. 1991
B1 Incurableness Of A Stigmatization
B2 Curse The Void Part I
B3 Curse The Void Part II
B4 Standoffish Elimination
B5 Researchman
B6 Sick Of Pleasure
B7 The Last Shipwrecked
B8 Deoxidized Brain
B9 Double Scented Shit
B10 Shoreline
B11 Blue Penguins
B12 Camouflaged Petrol
B13 Cormorant
B14 Open Season
B15 P.S.O.T.
B16 Researchman
B17 Useful/Useless
B18 Windows
B19 H.O.P.E.
B20 My Serenity Part I
B21 Mc.Justified War
B22 Outside World
B23 Slow Decay
B24 Incorporated Grave
B25 Far From By Best Friends
Rehearsal For The Never Released Split 7" With Streptogrinder (Jun. 1990)
B26 Intro
B27 Retrospective
B28 What I Thought
B29 Outro
Live In Asti Nov. 1991
B30 Life In General Part II
B31 Outside World
B32 I.C.
B33 Milicija Die!
B34 No More
B35 Incurableness Of A Stigmatization
B36 Curse The Void Part I
B37 Curse The Void Part II
B38 Standoffish Elimination
B39 Vital Dreams
B40 Through Sincerity Comes Security
B41 Researchman
B42 Useful/Useless
B43 Sick Of Pleasure
B44 Something Wrong
B45 Paranoiac
B46 Dark Joints (No Reason To Laugh)
B47 The Last Shipwrecked
B48 Deoxidized Brain
B49 Windows
B50 Double Scented Shit
B51 My City
B52 Intransigent Simpathy
B53 Shoreline
B54 Disagreeable Selections
B55 Blue Penguins
B56 Active Grind
B57 Camouflaged Petrol
B58 Far From My Best Friends
B59 Time Zone
B60 Bane
B61 Open Season
B62 My Last Hours
B63 The Lords Of Hell
B64 Fundamental Prints
B65 Asti Postmen
B66 Grimcorpses
B67 Slow Decay
B68 0:01
B69 Peasants
B70 Mc.Justified War
B71 Cormorant
B72 Bore '91
145 Tracks For The Never Released Split 7" With K.S.G.
B73 Untitled
B74 Untitled
B75 Untitled
B76 Untitled
B77 Untitled
B78 Untitled
B79 Untitled
B80 Untitled
B81 Untitled
B82 Untitled
B83 Untitled
B84 Untitled
B85 Untitled
B86 Untitled
B87 Untitled
B88 Untitled
B89 Untitled
B90 Untitled
B91 Untitled
B92 Untitled
B93 Untitled
B94 Untitled
B95 Untitled
B96 Untitled
B97 Untitled
B98 Untitled
B99 Untitled
B100 Untitled
B101 Untitled
B102 Untitled
B103 Untitled
B104 Untitled
B105 Untitled
B106 Untitled
B107 Untitled
B108 Untitled
B109 Untitled
B110 Untitled
B111 Untitled
B112 Untitled
B113 Untitled
B114 Untitled
B115 Untitled
B116 Untitled
B117 Untitled
B118 Untitled
B119 Untitled
B120 Untitled
B121 Untitled
B122 Untitled
B123 Untitled
B124 Untitled
B125 Untitled
B126 Untitled
B127 Untitled
B128 Untitled
B129 Untitled
B130 Untitled
B131 Untitled
B132 Untitled
B133 Untitled
B134 Untitled
B135 Untitled
B136 Untitled
B137 Untitled
B138 Untitled
B139 Untitled
B140 Untitled
B141 Untitled
B142 Untitled
B143 Untitled
B144 Untitled
B145 Untitled
B146 Untitled
B147 Untitled
B148 Untitled
B149 Untitled
B150 Untitled
B151 Untitled
B152 Untitled
B153 Untitled
B154 Untitled
B155 Untitled
B156 Untitled
B157 Untitled
B158 Untitled
B159 Untitled
B160 Untitled
B161 Untitled
B162 Untitled
B163 Untitled
B164 Untitled
B165 Untitled
B166 Untitled
B167 Untitled
B168 Untitled
B169 Untitled
B170 Untitled
B171 Untitled
B172 Untitled
B173 Untitled
B174 Untitled
B175 Untitled
B176 Untitled
B177 Untitled
B178 Untitled
B179 Untitled
B180 Untitled
B181 Untitled
B182 Untitled
B183 Untitled
B184 Untitled
B185 Untitled
B186 Untitled
B187 Untitled
B188 Untitled
B189 Untitled
B190 Untitled
B191 Untitled
B192 Untitled
B193 Untitled
B194 Untitled
B195 Untitled
B196 Untitled
B197 Untitled
B198 Untitled
B199 Untitled
B200 Untitled
B201 Untitled
B202 Untitled
B203 Untitled
B204 Untitled
B205 Untitled
B206 Untitled
B207 Untitled
B208 Untitled
B209 Untitled
B210 Untitled
B211 Untitled
B212 Untitled
B213 Untitled
B214 Untitled
B215 Untitled
B216 Untitled
B217 Untitled
B218 Untitled
Rehearsal No. 1991
B219 Intro
B220 Outside World
B221 Feminity
B222 H.O.P.E.
B223 Fundamental Prints
B224 Asti Punks
B225 Maecenas
B226 You Call It Love??
B227 H.O.P.E. #2
B228 Fundamental Prints #2
B229 Active Grind
B230 My Serenity Part I
B231 Active Grind #2
B232 Something Wrong
B233 Intransigent Simpathy
B234 Mc.Justified War
B235 I.C.
B236 What Can Be Awaked
B237 Empurled River
B238 G.O.D.
B239 ...As You Learn
B240 Impressions
B241 Are You Fair?
B242 Otherwise
B243 Clear Question
B244 X-Shaped
B245 Saturday Heroes
B246 Moonset
B247 They Bleed On Both Sides
B248 Unrip
B249 Fast Food/Slow Death
B250 Christmas Violence
B251 Solemn Black
B252 Narcotism
B253 Take Off The Rose
B254 My Last Hours
B255 Cyder Tramp
B256 Sides Of A Matter
B257 What I Thought (New Version)
B258 In Anguish 41
B259 Living Asphalt
B260 Gateways
B261 Worn Out
B262 To What End?
B263 Vacillating
B264 Cursed Occasions
B265 Weakness
B266 Strike A Blow For Them
B267 High & Low
B268 Provincial Councils
B269 Remaster The Time
B270 Criminal Asylum
B271 Isolate Me
B272 Never Mentioned
B273 Ragman
B274 School System


  • Drums, Vocals – Giulio*
  • Effects [Depressive Silence- Effects] – K.S.G. (tracks: B73 to B218)
  • Guitar – A. "Kilroy?"


Track A32 is cover version of a song originally performed by a Napalm Death.
Track A41 is cover version of a song originally performed by an Anal Cunt.
Track A50 is cover version of a song originally perfomed by a Concrete Beton.
Tracks B27, B28 are cover versions of a songs originally performed by a Streptogrinder.

2nd edition.
Issued with hand-numbered cover artwork and embedded tracklist.

Other versions

Category Artist Title (Format) Label Category Country Year
E.U. 003 Cripple Bastards From '88 To '91 ‎(Cass, Comp) E.U. '91 Produzioni E.U. 003 Italy 1992
F.O.A.D. on tape #10 Cripple Bastards From '88 To '91 ‎(Cass, Comp, RE) F.O.A.D. Records F.O.A.D. on tape #10 Italy Unknown
F.O.A.D. on tape #10 Cripple Bastards From '88 To '91 ‎(Cass, Comp, Num, RE) F.O.A.D. Records F.O.A.D. on tape #10 Italy 2012