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Auðn - Auðn mp3 download
Auðn - Auðn mp3 download
Performer: Auðn
Title: Auðn
Released: 2014
Style: Black Metal
Rating: 4.9/5
FLAC size: 1198 mb | MP3 size: 1210 mb | WMA size: 1943 mb
Genre: Rock

Auðn's approach to black metal usually relies on a mid-paced tempo and a pristine and clear production which leaves a lot of room for melodies to breathe and a sense of the epic to be created. Feigð has one of the more aggressive parts on the album with fast tremolo picked riffs, intense murky bass and blastbeats but it still moves back into slower sections where they let the power of their melodies take centre stage. It's the two tracks at the start and end of the album that are the best though, the aforementioned opener Klerkaveldi, and the eponymous closer, translating to Desolation.

Auðn 입니다. '아이슬란드' 출신이라는 탓에 차갑고 쎄한 느낌이 아닐까? 하는 생각하곤 완전 다른 방식의 앨범입니다. 투적이면서 건조하면서 매끈한 레코딩은 약간 소통의 부재를 느낄만한 어정쩡한 결과물을 낳았고, 산만하고 딱딱하게 전개되다보니 무슨 건조한 느낌보다 스레쉬메틀같은 분위기도 나면서 뒤로 갈수록 마무리가 잘 안되는 편입니다.

Дата релиза 26 Ноябрь 2014. Лейблы Hexencave Productions Metallic Media Nebular Winter Productions. Музыкальный стильAtmospheric Black. Владельцы этого альбома14. Re-Issue in 2015 by Nebular Winter Productions.

Founded in 2010, Auðn focuses on the atmospheric and melodic elements of black metal. Auðn - Auðn (Full Album). Si esibisce a. Iceland Airwaves. Johanan, John Lydon, Julia Holter, Karó, Kate Tempest.

lt; Назад Вперёд . Совместный релиз Symbol Of Domination с Metallic Media и Black Plague Records: новое переиздание альбома ‎"Auðn" исландской atmospheric black metal группы AUÐN выходит 15 декабря!, Co-release Symbol Of Domination with Metallic Media and Black Plague Records: new reissue of album ‎"Auðn" of icelandic atmospheric black metal band AUÐN out on December, 15th! When it comes to Scandinavian metal, especially black metal, most people automatically think Norway

The atmosphere of this album sets in immediately with the album opener Klerkaveldi. Clean eerie sounding guitars set the mood then lead into some heavy riffs. This band doesn’t seem to need to rely solely on blast beats because this is a mid paced song with loads of heaviness but also with plenty of melody that provides an eerie atmosphere. Mjollnir ---< Their second and latest album Farvegir Fyrndar was released on November 10th 2017, the name roughly translates to The Colors Tolerate.

Subterranea was first introduced to Auðn at the Icelandic leg of the 2015 Wacken Metal Battle, the prize being the opportunity to compete with winners of other countries at that most esteemed of metal meccas. They just missed out that year, going on to win it in 2016, where they later finished within the top three at the festival proper, consolidating their growing reputation with a debut that generated enough buzz to see them perform at Iceland’s premier metal festival, Eistnaflug, and the oft-vaunted Roadburn in 2017.